The Spear Thrower by Pamela Loveridge

Pamela Loveridge

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The Spear Thrower

Pamela Loveridge

About eighty thousand years ago in eastern Africa, a young native named Nibu witnesses some lions kill his parents while out hunting. It is extraordinary that even after such a horrific event, Nibu is inspired to invent the throwing spear, a weapon that is far superior to the old hand spear.

This proves to be a momentous achievement for modern humans, as it enables man to become the top predator in Africa. This will change our history forever!

After his invention, Nibu adopts the name "The Spear Thrower," and goes on to become a living legend in Africa.

In this novel we follow his adventures, and those of his grandson, Tubula.

I am aged, but ageless,
I am you, but still me.
I am The Spear Thrower.
Can you see me?


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Page count: 252

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Binding: Paperback

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