The Story Fixer by Jen Chambers

Jen Chambers

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The Story Fixer

Jen Chambers

Cassandra Knight just can’t seem to get things right where school’s concerned. If there were awards for students who got the most detentions she’d win them all!

But when she receives a library detention one afternoon something magical happens. Time stops for Cassie as she finds herself in the world of The Book Fairies, whose job it is to complete stopped stories. The Book Fairies need her help. They have waited a long time for the right person to come along and Cassie, it turns out, is just that person. Cassie doesn’t believe in Fairies at all. She left them behind when she was in kindy and she doesn’t do fantasy but when the Fairies explain their problem Cassie decides that it just might make a very boring detention a little less boring.

She agrees to help and so the adventure begins.

The Fairies drop Cassie into the stopped story of a murdered boy where she meets a strange mixture of characters and becomes a part of the story herself.

She finds herself caught up in a world of injustice, corruption and just the odd bit of evil. How she manages to get the story started again is what this book is all about.

So join Cassie in her first adventure as “The Story Fixer” and share her journey.

The Story Fixer is a story of magic, fantasy, hope and possibility.

The author is a teacher and a writer who has always been a kid at heart, so this story is suitable for middle to upper grade primary, or kids around eight to 12 years of age…and adults who find they need to touch base with their inner child every now and then!


Trim size: 5 x 8 inches (12.07 x 20.30 cm)

Page count: 94

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback


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