The White of Weeping Cove by Kristian Becker

The White of Weeping Cove by Kristian Becker

Kristian Becker

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The White of Weeping Cove

Kristian Becker

Elias Dantrell is visiting is grandmother in the small seaside town of Weeping Cove. On travelling to the town he is accompanied by two elderly people who warn him not to go out at night. Elias is unaware of a supernatural force residing in the ruined abbey but his grandmother secretly does. She tells him the tale of a man called Galet, who lived in the town decades before. He was found hiding severed body parts and was burned alive after being caught.

Elias soon realises that the town's people are fully aware that a vampire has been living in their midst for hundreds of years. When the vampire, Luc, meets Elias, he convinces Elias to come to his ruins where he tells him his life story.

But the recent death of a local man has finally galvanised the church into doing something about Luc. They hire two vampire hunters who proclaim they will rid the town of Luc. Elias joins forces with Luc to help save him until he can end his misery on his own terms ...


Trim size: 6 x 9 inches (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Page count: 214

Internal pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback

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