The YAY! Mindset by Angela McCubbin with Jill Smith

Angela McCubbin

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The YAY! Mindset

Angela McCubbin
with Jill Smith

How can a simple shift in mindset create a profound shift in your life?

By cultivating an attitude of celebration and appreciation, it is possible to feel great, even when life is not great. Finding the peace that passes all understanding is fundamental to many spiritual philosophies, yet this is exactly what transpired when the authors began using the Yay! Mindset principles.

The authors experienced such a shift whilst facing some turbulent times.

Having both lost their partners, their financial security and their homes, they stumbled upon a simple, fun technique which caused them to laugh instead of cry, turning their chaos and uncertainty into calmness and joy.

Where you focus your mind and the meaning you ascribe to events will determine your perception of life. Thoughts create emotions which subsequently drive your actions and behaviours. Uplifting and encouraging thoughts produce feelings of joy and enthusiasm, whereas critical and discouraging thoughts produce feelings of anxiety, fear and hopelessness.

Thoughts are the Alpha and Omega (the beginning and end) of your perception and experience of life. Change the foundational thoughts and you can change your entire view of the world. Thoughts can not only change how you feel and behave, they can also change the events and circumstances of your life.

How can thoughts and emotions impact the physical world around you?

Science shows that we live in a sea of vibrating energy and everything is connected to everything else through fields of spinning, vibrating energy. Atoms, molecules and body cells are energy, thoughts and emotions are energy. Even ‘empty space’ is now shown to have an abundance of energy.

The old saying ‘You could cut the air with a knife’ alludes to a visceral feeling experienced when walking into a room which has emotional tension. There may be no evidence of tension on a physical level, but it can be felt on an energetic level. Another saying ‘We’re on the same wavelength’ alludes to a synchronicity of frequencies or vibrations. People who think the same way, who have a similar outlook on life, also have a similar vibration and are ‘on the same wavelength’. Higher vibration emotions include, happiness, joy, excitement and bliss, while lower vibration emotions include shame, guilt, hopelessness and despair.

A Yay! Mindset essentially raises your vibration, reprograms limiting beliefs and produces a deep sense of peace and tranquillity. With a focus of gratitude and celebration, it is possible to thrive through adversity rather than to simply survive. 


Published: 2021

Trim size: 6 x 9 (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

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