Watercolour - Bents Basin by Jenny Mosher

Watercolour - Bents Basin by Jenny Mosher

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Bents Basin is a popular camping ground on the Nepean River, west of Sydney, in New South Wales, Australia.

This watercolour and ink work was done in onsite between Christmas and New Year, in the summer of 2012. It depicts the cliff face opposite one bank of the swimming hole.

The watercolour was applied first, then the ink added to the paper when the watercolour had dried. I don’t like to draw then apply paint as I get tempted to ‘paint between the lines’. From memory I used two colours, three at the most, thinning with water and mixing where a third colour was needed.

This original artwork has a generous border for matting when framing.

This artwork ships unframed across the world; please choose whether you’re in Australia or elsewhere.

Bents Basin details:

Watercolour and ink on watercolour paper

Size: 24 cm x 32 cm 

Price includes shipping

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