We Must Wake Up by Basona Lokondo

Basona Lokondo

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We Must Wake Up: Tome 1: A notice to the Congolese nation: The time of change has come (Volume 1)

Basona Lokondo

The book is about setting the fact right about issues that Black people just speak of in half words; it is about telling abruptly Africans and their diasporas about the dangerosity of capitalism, Westerners and Leucoderm race over the welfare of the humanity in general, and that of Melanoderm race in particular. We have to remind our people how much our passivity coupled with docility and naivety are lethal to us as a collectivity of people.

It has a focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo and its people, because, it is where I was born and lived; and also where the work has to be first done because of its strategic location, spiritual importance and resources to impact in an optimal and maximal way the whole Africa and African diasporas.

It put an over-emphasis on the necessity of Negro-Africans without spatial, national and ethnic considerations to come to understand that the capitalism is not in our way of life, and that Leucoderm people in general are not our brothers or friends, but, predators programmed to create havoc on all externalities, i.e., different races and the nature. 

It calls for the rejection of capitalism, and the embracing of communism with the respect of our cultural and traditional frame of understanding, because, the latter philosophy is naturally closer to Africans who have no individualistic ethos. 

It has been argued that capitalism was a Leucoderm people cultural invention which has in its core values, White people’s traits, i.e., narcissism proclivity to exploitation, oppression, domination, division, control, manipulation, materialistic extraversion, competition, wars and many other traits that show a total lack of disregard to others and environment.

It is arguing that White people are doing well in capitalism, because, the narcissistic philosophy matches the narcissistic culture; and that it is not the case for Blacks.

Leucoderm race is seen as a danger for Melanoderm people and the earth.

It is more than vital that Negroes become aware of Leucoderm people’s mindset, their lack of spirituality, their deleterious intellectual abilities, and their genetic skills to kill without remorse or guilty conscience for their sake of their egocentric interest and personal visibility.

It is more than urgency that all Negroes seat together and strategise as one mind and one flesh on the way to find ways to disentangle all the subliminal webs of control that we have been victims of since our encounter with White race in order to bring about real ontological freedom necessary for our collective survival as a the bedrock of all humanities, past as those to come. In that struggle, Congo has to be the vector of change.

Our country seems to have a spiritual asset in the person of Simon Kimbangu to affect all our peoples, that the everlasting peace be upon him and his family. It is important that we use his person as a symbol to navigate through the invisible for the sake of the salvation of our country and all the Melanoderm people.

He is and should be our mystical paraclete, because, Jesus-Christ has failed our people. He has been used against us through genocide, slavery and colonization. Now, it is time to go back to what has been given to us beyond allegiance to imported religions for the sake of our land and people.

The Tome 1: We must wake up has delineated doctrinal frame for the material and spiritual revival of the truly begotten children of the earth. This tome is going to be followed by the “Tome 2: How to build a new Congo”, and “Tome 3: How to build a new community of people”.

After the publication of the 3 Tomes, we will move onto the field to change Congo with the spilling effect on Africa and our Americas.


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