Winton: The Swann Family Story by Jenny Kroonstuiver

Jenny Kroonstuiver

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Winton: The Swann Family Story 

Jenny Kroonstuiver

‘Winton’ begins with the story of Bill and Beat Swann who met and married in Hillston NSW in 1926. The story of their farming life through two wars, the depression and their later years is told through the eyes of their eldest and youngest sons, two of their fourteen children.

The book then traces the stories of the fifteen people who arrived in Australia in the mid-nineteenth Century, and their families. They arrived in five different states and included agricultural labourers, sailors, domestic servants, miners, a convict and a copywriter. Courageous, hard workers, they headed for the bush and new towns and farms, eventually all coming together in the Riverina area in the early 1900s.

Part 2 goes further back into the heritage of the Swann family and traces the story of the many historical characters who are part of the Swann ancestry. Beginning with the Kings of Wessex and the Vikings, the Swann history includes kings, queens, knights, saints and many nobles. Many of these ancestors fought each other in bloodthirsty battles for power, established new colonies such as New York, fought in the crusades and were present at great moments of history.


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