Yellowstone Waits by PJ Charles

PJ Charles

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Yellowstone Waits

PJ Charles

Normalcy is interrupted when an unexpected incident throws a man’s life into chaos and threatens not only his freedom, but also his sanity. Facing the ultimate downfall, he grapples with his beliefs while needing to maintain secrecy of a terrible truth.

From the one accused of a most grievous crime come thought-provoking reflections recorded while describing incidents involving past acquaintances in an attempt to define the make-up of his character. 

‘Yellowstone Waits’ juxtaposes both time and place to reveal the impact of everyday people experiencing their extraordinary episodes within two cultures existing on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Eddie Horvath, incarcerated on remand and awaiting trial, uses the written word to examine the boundless spectrum of human behavior in which he searches for the answer to the question: What led me to this? 

Determined to not let the idea of ‘doing time’ destroy his spirit, he purges his conscience while analyzing the external influences to find a solution to a highly undesirable predicament.

His findings – of the heroic and villainous, the manic and virtuous, the sadistic and sacrificial, the comic and tragic – fuel his will to confront a daunting outcome and its incumbent penalties.

‘Yellowstone Waits’ is a mix of gritty realism and humor as it explores varying subsets of two cultures over time along with the main character’s take on mortality.

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