You can Beat the Binge! by Domini Stuart

Domini Stuart

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You Can Beat the Binge!: Conquer the fear of losing control and lose weight for life

Domini Stuart

When you’re afraid of losing control, food is your enemy. You dread every meal and snack. And, when you binge, it sets up a horrible vicious cycle – feel bad, promise to be good, fail, feel even worse.

For over 12 years I was trapped in that cycle, bingeing every day. I hated myself for having so little willpower. Then I discovered that willpower had nothing to do with it. That people who didn’t binge weren’t stronger or better than me, they just happened to be what I call happy eaters.

Happy eaters lose weight and stay slim without ever being ‘on a diet’. Their lives aren’t dominated by worrying about food. They enjoy the food they love. And they never deprive themselves of anything they really want.

I also discovered that you can learn to be a happy eater, and now I’m one myself. This book includes all of the strategies that made such a huge, positive difference to my life; I hope they will do the same for you.

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